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These Dancers Create Stunning Illusions With Their Synchronised Routine

By - 1st March 2019

The Southlake Carroll Varsity Emerald Belles are a dance troupe from Southlake, Texas, who have won countless awards for their performances over the years. But there was one performance in particular that caught the eyes of judges on onlookers alike, so much so that it was filmed and shared across the internet for the world to enjoy.

They have represented Southlake Carroll Senior High School for the past 22 years, coached by director Melissa Page. Known for their high kicking and synchronised shows, this particular performance was so good it went viral.

The list of their awards is long, and includes winning three categories at the Fort Worth MA Nationals in High Kick, Lyrical, and Jazz respectively. Other wins include the ShowMaker State Championship and Best Dance Team at the the Spirit WOW! Celebration. So, in answer to your question, they are very good.

The Emerald Belles have performed on multiple cruises, at Disney World, at fiestas and at the halftime shows of football matches. Their dedication and hard work pays off, as they produce sensational showings every time, and this performance at the Crowd Pleasers Dance Competition was no different.

The competition was hosted in Houston, Texas, so the Emerald Belles made the journey to participate. People expected them to be good, but nobody quite expected their performance to embody the competition’s principle of “exceeding expectations” quite so much.

Their performance at Crowd Pleasers Dance Competition starts off slow, but wait until the music changes – you can see why they won the competition with this routine! We won’t spoil too much for you, because it is absolutely worth watching, but some of the illusions they can create with their bodies are nothing short of awe-inspiring. And the song… We’ll just let you watch it, but be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!