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Dad Creates T-Shirt That Tricks His Kid Into Giving Him A Massage

By - 10th May 2019

Have you ever wondered how you could make your kid’s playtime more productive? More productive for you, in particular? Like, your kid is enjoying this, so why shouldn’t you enjoy it, too? I mean, other than the beautiful enjoyment of spending quality time with your child. But, you get what I mean. One dad in Japan came up with a t-shirt design that tricked his kid into giving him a massage while playing!

Most of us who work are sat down all day. Mostly in uncomfortable office chairs that are incredibly bad for your back and your posture. We could all do with a massage every now and then to make our back and selves feel better. But who has the money? Or the time? Especially not with kids around.

massage shirt

This dad’s life hack has worked around both kids and massages. Ken Kawamoto is a software engineer for Google – that’s where all the smarts come from. He spoke recently about his t-shirt design.

“I often do work on my laptop while lying down on the floor. One time, in an act of boredom, my child started playing with his toy train on my back, which surprisingly felt very refreshing since my back was really strained. I then came up with this idea to get him to run the train along the particularly massage-needy parts of my back.”

Genius! He had a t-shirt printed with train tracks where a massage would usually apply pressure. It’s the perfect solution! Ken can do some work and his son can play with his trains. Plus, there’s a bonus massage in there for dad!

He launched the t-shirt as a product online after his tweet went viral. You can buy it here.

massage shirt

Would you use a train-track t-shirt to trick your kid into giving you a massage? Let us know in the comments, and share with any friends or family who might need one! You can also check out similar stories on Happiest.

Main image courtesy of Pixabay.