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Dad Incredibly Rescues 3-Year-Old Son Who Fell Down Manhole

By - 9th August 2019
manhole boy

What’s the worst thing that you think could happen to you? Whatever it was, think again. This dad knows sheer terror after his 3-year-old son fell down a faulty manhole in China. The unfortunate incident no doubt shook him, but his quick thinking and heroic actions may have saved his son’s life.

You can clearly see in the video that the child is curious about the cracked manhole cover. He hesitates and pauses for a second, before gingerly stepping on. Unfortunately, it was broken beyond repair and couldn’t hold his weight. To his parents’ horror, he fell into the well beneath.

manhole boy

However, his dad quickly leapt into action. First, he tried to climb down into the hole to help his son out. But he soon realised going feet first wasn’t the best way. So, he gets out and leaned in to reach for his son’s hand.

Passers-by held on to the dad’s shirt so he didn’t fall in as well. Thanks to this, he could reach all the way in and pull his son to safety. Thankfully he was unhurt, other than a few bruises and scratches. But it could have been much worse. Who can imagine what his parents were thinking when it happened.

manhole boy

This child is lucky that his dad acted so quickly. His dad’s heroic actions may have saved his life. Afterwards, authorities covered up the manhole with barriers, but we hope it gets properly fixed soon.

What was going through this kid’s mind? Maybe he had watched IT the day before, or just wanted to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? It’s likely it was just curiosity, but we can joke now that we know everyone is safe and unhurt.

manhole boy

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