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Dad Finds Kids Covered In Paint, But Their Excuse Has Him Crying With Laughter

By - 29th December 2017

Raising children is chock full of fun, laughter and love, but there are also times when it is full of mischief, mess and discipline. So when a father discovered his living room covered in paint, he knew he had two naughty sons to scold. But upon discovering them, he had an even bigger case on his hands… 

When this dad found his sons hiding in the bathroom, he expected to be angry and have a big case of discipline on his hands, but instead he got something totally different. One look at his young son’s faces and he ran to get his camera to record the interaction.

Pushing aside his own amusement at the state of his sons, he attempts to scold the boys and make them see why what they have done is wrong. But that is easier said than done when your sons are staring back at you absolutely COATED in paint from head to toe.

The mischievous brothers had somehow gotten a hold of their father’s paint pots and had decided to do a bit of home renovation (not to mention give themselves a makeover).

At first the two boys refuse to answer any of dad’s questions about what happened; they obviously had decided to stay silent to reduce their sentence. Staring back at dad with big eyes, the big brother gradually starts to let out elements of the story as dad pushes them for answers. That is before he falls about laughing…

It’s funny how the tables turn as the father tries to scold his children and they end up becoming stern with him, asking “What is funny?” The boys clearly have no idea just how covered in paint they are.

The video is absolutely hilarious and if you have children, I’m sure you will have experienced many a moment like this before. Watch the video and enjoy!

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