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Dashshunds’ Six Tiny Puppies Take Part In A Photo Shoot — It’s The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

By - 21st June 2018

I’m sure you’ve all seen the results of a baby photoshoot before. Most of you will probably have even had them done or been the baby in question. But it’s not just tiny baby humans that get dressed up in pastel colours while they sleep and hug props. People who have ‘fur babies’ are quite partial to photoshoots too. Trust me when I say, this dachshund photoshoot is one of the cutest!

We’re not surprised that getting your babies photographed is popular. It’s a nice and heartwarming memento for parents to keep to look back at their precious little babies… or pets.

But there’s one pup momma who’s really captured our attention after she decided to get photos taken of her gorgeous. Her beautiful dachshund had just given birth to a litter of beautiful puppies.

Naturally, like most mothers, this person wanted her dachshund to share in the joy of baby photos.

It all started with a photo of the pregnant sausage dog with 6 little bonnets

Just like every mother’s journey, it starts with pregnancy. So this person wanted to showcase that for her gorgeous little dog.

The pregnant sausage dog stands tall and mighty on a box looking forward into the future, awaiting the arrival of puppies.

The bonnets were handmade by Rebecca Monroe, a.k.a @babybybecca who crocheted these tiny adorable creations. Rebecca sells her beautiful creations on her Etsy store.

A few months later, the tiny puppies were born

Six adorable young puppies had arrived into the lives of their mother and her owner. The heart-warming photographs show all six little pups snuggled up in bed, each one wearing their precious little bonnets.

How cute are these?! Each tiny dog looks so peaceful and relaxed, surrounded by their siblings. It’s impossible not to want one of these tiny dachshund dogs for ourselves. They’re just too precious!

Nothing can be cuter than seeing all six puppies, peacefully resting with their paws up and bonnets on.

The dachshund photoshoot is by far one of the cutest we’ve ever seen!

The photographs were taken by Belinda Sol Photography and they’re utterly adorable to the highest level. Honestly, I never thought I would need to see a dachshund photoshoot in my life, but I’m so glad I have.

The photographer brilliantly captured the joys of motherhood and the adorable nature of newborn babies – even if it was of dogs.

dachshund photoshoot

Now, maternity shoots for dogs are becoming more and more popular as more humans are enjoying and celebrating their lives with their ‘fur babies’.

Have you ever held a photo shoot for your pets? Do you have a feline supermodel? What about a canine hunk? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to see your own pet photo shoots.

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