Return to top After Weeks Apart, Rescue Monkey Is Reunited With His Family – Gets The Most Adorable Welcome Home

After Weeks Apart, Rescue Monkey Is Reunited With His Family – Gets The Most Adorable Welcome Home

By - 4th May 2018

The prodigal son has returned! There’s no greater feeling than getting a lovely welcome home monkey reception after a long time away from family and friends. This monkey learned how loved he was when he got to see his family again after a long time away from them.

A student at Kingsway High School in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, spotted a young vervet monkey in desperate need of aid. This little rescue monkey, Pearce, had been taken away from his family as he’d severely injured his leg. Most likely, he’d got it caught in barbed wire.

The student got in contact with Umsizi Vervet Rescue Center – an organisation run by Tracy Rowles. A team of volunteers headed out as quick as they could.

“We tried for three hours … but his overprotective mother would not allow us close enough to catch him by hand,” said Nigel Wright, a volunteer for the rescue centre.

welcome home monkey

Pearce’s family were not happy, they would have assumed they were going to hurt him.

“Some tried to open the door to release him, while others displayed threatening behaviour towards us by grunting and showing their teeth and making their eyes wide open and coming towards us,”

The monkeys recognised the rescue team and Pearce immediately recognised his family. “Pearce showed us he was happy and that it was definitely his troop by calling to his mother and by tumbling around in his carrying cage,”

The second they opened the cage, Pearce was out like a flash and ran straight towards his family. The way they showed their family member love was the best welcome home surprise you could wish for.

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