Return to top Brave Puppy Stands In Front Of Mom To Protect Her From Rattlesnake, Hailed A Hero By Millions

Brave Puppy Stands In Front Of Mom To Protect Her From Rattlesnake, Hailed A Hero By Millions

By - 3rd July 2018

Even when you’re having a bad day, dogs manage to make you smile; you can never stay mad at them. They are our loyal companions and fierce protectors. Todd the golden retriever proved he’s braver than most when he stepped in front of his mom to protect her from a rattlesnake.

Last Friday, Arizona resident, Paula Godwin, was taking her dogs on a walk when she noticed something move by the side of the path. Looking down, she saw a large rattlesnake by her feet.

The rattlesnake was startled by Paula’s sudden stepping too close and prepared to attack. Without a moment’s hesitation, Todd the puppy moved to step in front of his mom to protect her. The snake lunged at Todd and bit him on the face. The brave puppy had protected his mom from a nasty bite but now, as a result, he was suffering the consequences of the venomous bite.

Poor Todd’s face started to swell up due to the bite and he cried out in pain. Godwin scooped up the injured pup and ran as quickly as she could to the animal hospital. Thankfully, the hospital was nearby and he was seen by a vet within 10 minutes. The vet gave him antivenom and kept him monitored for the rest of the day.

While the event was scary, Godwin couldn’t be more grateful to her loyal protector. A rattlesnake’s bite is rarely fatal to adult humans, but their venom is still very painful. It can cause pain, blurred vision, numbness and difficulty breathing. The day could have ended very differently if Paula had been bitten. If she was suffering from the snake bite, she may not have been able to get them to safety.

After 12 hours, Todd was allowed back home. The vet prescribed him lots of rest and lots of cuddles, which Paula was certainly happy to give. Todd is now back on his feet and acting like a normal, bouncy puppy again. As a result of the attack, he has a black wound on the side of his face but the swelling has gone down significantly from the bite, and he is feeling much better.

People from all over the world have been applauding Todd’s bravery and sending cards and well wishes his way. Needless to say, Todd deserves all the cuddles and treats from now on. He even has a special cape to remind everyone of what a hero he is!

Inspired by Todd’s brave actions, a GoFundMe page has been created in his honor. The page is collecting donations to help other families afford expensive treatment for their canine protectors.

It seems like Todd has set a new standard for what it means to be a ‘good boy’. Share his brave story with your friends to remind the world just how wonderful dogs are. We don’t deserve them! Also, we love hearing your thoughts at Happiest, in fact, be sure to leave your comments in the section below. 🐝