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Mom Knits Fluffy Replacements For Bunny Born With No Ears, Now She’s Got A Pair For Every Occasion

By - 17th October 2018

If anybody is living a positive life after facing difficulties, it’s Mimi the rabbit. Mimi was born with only three legs and she was born deaf. Though she doesn’t have any ears, that doesn’t make her any less of a happy creature. Mimi keeps on going in the best way possible thanks to some new must-have accessories.

Thankfully her human momma was on hand to help make Mimi the rabbit feel a bit less self-conscious. After all, it’s very hard to be a rabbit without ears, it’s a huge part of their identity!

Rodajia Welch, 22, got Mimi through a fellow volunteer at her job. She works at a place that provides basic pet care needs to low income and homeless pet owners in her hometown of Sacramento.

As soon as I saw Mimi I fell in love and couldn’t wait to take her home.

Rodajia not only gave the bunny a new home, but she also gave her some new ears (sort of).

With a bit of crocheted wool, Rodajia gave Mimi the rabbit a brand new pair of ears

She thought it would be an adorable way to give Mimi her ears back in a cute fashion statement.

Deciding to make the ears all started with finding her a name – it obviously had to be ear-related. So while doing some research my boyfriend Josh came across Kemonomimi, which is a form of cosplay where the characters have animal ears.

But the crochet costumes didn’t just end with rabbit ears.

It was perfect because she didn’t have any ears and she could be whatever she wanted to be.

Rodajia has since made seasonal headpieces and even some adorable mouse ears if Mimi ever felt like going undercover.

She only wears the ears after I’ve just made them for pictures, or when she’s sitting with me. She lets me put them on her but for safety reasons I don’t tie them in a knot so if she wanted to, she could just knock them off pretty easy.

Check out some of Mimi’s other adorable headpieces below, she’s definitely the most stylish bunny in town! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Floral Extravaganza

A Pretty Little Pumpkin

An Undercover Mouse

Her new ears are perfect for any occasion. Although, we think Mimi is just as adorable both with and without her crocheted ears.

Which of Mimi the rabbit’s adorable ears did you love the most? At Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 🐝