Return to top Boy Hides To Surprise Younger Brother, But Has No Idea His Air Force Brother’s Waiting On The Other Side

Boy Hides To Surprise Younger Brother, But Has No Idea His Air Force Brother’s Waiting On The Other Side

By - 23rd July 2018

If you ever need your soul cleansing, searching for ‘military homecoming videos’ is the perfect way to brighten your own day. And in this case, a brother’s surprise homecoming is as touching as they come. 

No matter how much you argue with your sibling, the love you share never changes. You spend your whole lives bickering and wishing each other would go away, but when you grow up, you realize just how important they are in your life. As a middle child, the annoyance of your younger and older siblings is usually amplified. (After all, they don’t call it ‘middle child syndrome’ for nothing.)

When this middle child’s older brother moved away to join the military, he assumed that nothing much would change in his life. But he soon came to realize that, actually, he really missed his irritating older brother.

As the new ‘older sibling’ in the house, it was up to him to entertain his little brother. So, obviously, regular jokes and pranks such as hiding behind doors were commonplace. But this time when the middle child decided to surprise his little brother, he turned out to be the one getting the surprise.

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The rest of the family knew about his older brother’s homecoming, but it appears they forgot to pass on the memo. So as the middle brother hid behind the front door and prepared to jump out on his baby brother, the joke was about to be turned on him.

The military camouflage uniform must be very good because the brother initially runs straight past his older sibling. Of course, he then does a double take and realizes that he is, in fact, the one being surprised.

His reaction is too pure for words. I think it’s safe to say that all their sibling rivalry disappeared at that moment as he jumped into his brother’s arms, sobbing.

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