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Fearless Rescue Dog Jumps Off Cliff With The Man That Saved His Life

By - 20th February 2018

Whilst out on an adventure in the desert, an adrenaline junkie came across a stray dog and quickly recruited him along for the journey. What he didn’t know then was that he had just found the perfect partner for all his adventures. 

When Chase was driving through the desert one day, the car in front of him suddenly swerved and out of nowhere, appeared little Paco. Paco was alone and ran straight up to Chase, excitedly fawning over him. He decided there and then that he would bring the little buddy along on his journey.

Chase and Paco quickly built a strong bond and they found a new best friend in each other. The videos of their adventures together look like something out of a movie.

Chase is an adrenaline junkie who loves to swim with sharks, snowboard, and especially loves cliff diving. With an avid following on YouTube, he regularly uploads videos of his hair-raising escapades. But the story of his adventures with Paco are what people really want to hear about.

Initially, he would leave Paco in the van while he and his friends dived off cliffs, complete with parachutes, but he found that would make the poor pup jealous. So he decided to show Paco what he was getting up to without him.

The first time that he cliff dived in front of Paco, the loving dog thought that he had died as he saw him disappear off the end of the cliff. But as soon as he heard his owner’s voice, he calmed down immediately and Chase decided that it was time for Paco to come along for the adventure…

The video of the pair’s friendship and wild adventure is absolutely adorable and little Paco is just as brave as his human friend. Watch the video below to see the wonderful story about the pair’s journey.

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