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Dad Drops Daughter At College & Breaks Down, Sends A Postcard Every Day With One Simple Reminder

By - 13th July 2018

For most of us, we’re well aware how much our parents love us. But for one man, he wanted to make sure they never forget it. David Lasseter started his campaign to show his kids he loves them back in 1995 and he sees no signs of stopping anytime soon. How? With a series of postcards.


Back in 1995, David dropped his oldest daughter off at Notre Dame. That night, he sent her a postcard with a friendly message letting her know he loves her. A parent’s love is unconditional and David has no desire to hide his love.

David Lasseter sends postcards to his children almost every day to show them how much he loves them

His kids are all well aware that their dad loves them very much, but just to make sure, he sends postcards anyway. Well, you can never be too sure, can you?

Almost every single day since he first sent one to his daughter, he’s kept up the tradition. Rather than a quick text message, David loves the traditional and thoughtful gesture of sending a postcard to a loved one.

They’re not all gushing declarations, a lot of the time he just updates them on what’s going on in his life. Others he likes to let them know he misses them and then some are completely trivial.

dad writes thousands of postcards

But why do these postcards mean so much to David?

When he dropped his oldest daughter off at college for the first time, he became very emotional. He already knew how much he’d miss her and from the moment he and his family headed home, he started crying.

David cried the entire car ride home. The second he got to his house, he couldn’t wait to write her a letter so he began to write a message on a postcard. Then he took it straight to the mailbox.

To this day, over 20 years later, he still sends all four of his children postcards in the mail almost every day. Surely he’d get bored of doing it by now? No, he still feels as happy and as loving with doing it as he did the very first time.

David has sent out over twenty thousand postcards to date. That’s a lot of mail to send to his four kids. But they don’t mind either.

One of his daughters has kept every single one of the postcards her dad saved to her over the years. They’re treasured items with such sentimental value to her.

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