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Blind Dog Gets New Pair Of Eyes – Now Watch The Moment She Sees Her Owner For The Very First Time

By - 13th April 2018

Being able to see the world we live in is a privilege that we take for granted. Some people are born blind and have never seen the world around them or their loved ones before. So when they finally get life changing surgery to see for the first time, it is a truly emotional moment. For this adorable blind dog, she was about to receive that gift too. 

Olive the cocker spaniel was a blind stray when she came to her new owners. Together, they lived happily in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and Olive lived a rich life. But after all she had been through, her new owners decided to go one step further. They decided to get her the much-needed surgery she deserved to correct her eye sight.

After three years of darkness, Olive emerges from the vets excited and bewildered by her new-found eyesight. Everything she sees is a new experience and when she finally sees the faces of her loved ones, her little tail won’t stop wagging.

The previously blind dog bounds up to her parents, Holly Emmerson and her husband, Bart, obsessed with staring at their faces. “Her eyes are so different… they’re black,” they cry with delight as Olive jumps up at her owners to get a closer look at them.

blind dog

The tiny pooch can’t get enough of the new world around her as her attention darts from place to place, taking it all in. The roaring traffic outside stuns her and forces her to come to a halt as she watches the rushing cars dart by.

It was such an incredible moment to witness, seeing her that alert and looking us in the eyes.

It’s not just humans who deserve to see the world around them. What a wonderful gift this couple gave to this beautiful blind dog. Watch the video below to see the emotional moment where Olive sees her owners for the first time.

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