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Blind Pup Was Depressed Because No One Would Play With Him, Until He Met A Perfect Best Friend

By - 2nd August 2018

Dogs are notoriously playful and love nothing more than making new friends. Sadly, for Linguini, it was a little more difficult than it was for other dogs.

When Linguini was first brought to his family home, they had no idea that he was different from their other dogs. He was playful, loving and confident; they just thought he was a bit clumsy due to his notorious habit of bumping into things. So when they discovered that he was blind, they were pretty surprised.

Despite his disability, Linguini didn’t know any different. The poor blind dog didn’t notice there was anything different about him and went about like any other happy dog.

Most people, including some vets, would never guess he’s blind as he’s so adaptive to his surroundings and intelligent in how he navigates the world. He has never let it hold him back and does everything that our other dogs do. In fact, he may be the bravest one out of all of them!
Nobody wanted to play with the blind dog.

Linguini loves meeting new people and dogs but he struggled to make play friends. He would get so excited every time he realized another dog was there that he would jump all over them and bounce about. However, his intense excitement was too much to handle for some dogs and so they would steer clear of him.

“He can’t see them and so when he finally realizes they’re there — he’s beside himself with excitement.” Sarah Bowley, Linguini’s owner, explained. “I think it startles or surprises them when he’ll suddenly realize there’s a friend around and start jumping up on them and trying to play. Because he’s blind but also super energetic, he tends to just jump up with paws outstretched and I think it’s a little much for other dogs as a first encounter.”

Who would ever love this blind dog?

It seemed like Linguini would never find a friend to play with. Until he met his new brother, Future.

When Sarah and her family brought Future home, they knew that something was going to be different this time. He was intelligent and aware of everyone’s emotions around him. They had hope that he could be the answer to Linguini’s prayers.

And they were right! From the moment Linguini and Future met, they have been inseparable.

The new best friends clicked straight away. They play together in the crazy way Linguini had always tried with other dogs; just like puppies.

This was amazing to see as I felt like Linguini never really got to play like this with other dogs as they always seemed a little uneasy around him or he was too energetic for them.

But Linguini had met his match in Future. It was as if the pair had known each other all their lives.

The adorable best friends spend all of their time together. They play for hours on end, they nap together and lounge around until they’re ready to play again.

Linguini also uses Future as his sort-of guide dog; he takes his cues from Future and mimics his behavior. Future knows that Linguini is blind and has taken it upon himself to help him out.

But above all, Future doesn’t treat Linguini any differently than any other dog. Which is all that Linguini has ever wanted.

I think for Linguini, Future solidified this idea that he is just like any other dog and that being blind doesn’t have to hold him back in any way.

Once, Linguini had longed for a best friend, and now he has the perfect one in Future. The best buds are perfectly happy and always have each other’s backs. Everything that Linguini has ever wanted.

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