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Bee Falls Into Pot Of Honey, Now Watch The Incredible Moment Her Friends Rush To Save Her Life

By - 18th September 2018

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ can certainly be said about bees. Together, hundreds of thousands of creatures work together to produce honey. But sometimes things can go wrong. And good bees will never leave a man behind. These bees save their friend with true commitment and teamwork.

These compassionate creatures rallied together to help save their pal’s life after a near-death experience. A beekeeper managed to capture the true compassion of his bees in this video.

He noticed one of his bees had become incapacitated after falling into a honey extractor. Thankfully, the beekeeper noticed the creature and he managed to get it out. He then brought the bee to the front of the hive.

As soon as the other bees noticed the struggling creature covered in honey, they all teamed up to help clean their pal.

bees save their friend
After a beekeeper noticed that one of his bees had fallen into the honey, he rescued her and put her back with her pals so they could help free her and make her fly again.

As a team, the worker bees started to remove the honey from the wings of their troubled friend. It took several bees over an hour to clean the wings of their buddy, but they weren’t going to give up.

The bees continued to help until every last drop of honey was gone and amazingly, the bee was ready to fly again!

Talk about teamwork, these bees are true friends with a great sense of compassion. It’s fascinating to see these bees show such compassion. We could all learn a thing or two from these little helpers.

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