Return to top Girl Screams As Baby Elephant ‘Bites’ Man’s Face Off, Then They Realise What She Really Wants

Girl Screams As Baby Elephant ‘Bites’ Man’s Face Off, Then They Realise What She Really Wants

By - 25th May 2018

Raise your hand if you wish you could cuddle with an elephant. *raises hand* Well, this lucky man managed to get cuddles and kisses from a baby elephant as they rolled around in the dirt together. Personally, I think that sounds like the best day ever. 

Elephants are known for being emotionally intelligent and feeling love and grief the same as humans. So it’s no surprise that this baby elephant wants to play and cuddle, just the same as human children do.

Apparently, elephants don’t have the best eyesight, so they use their senses of smell and touch to communicate. When elephants want to show affection, they stroke each other’s heads and backs with their trunks. Calves even place their trunk inside their mother’s mouths for reassurance.

Baby elephant cuddles tourist

baby elephant

So if elephants love to communicate using touch, it’s no surprise that this baby elephant showed his affection so openly. The calf playfully climbs on top of the lucky man and kisses his face before rolling around and cuddling him. She obviously wants to show her newfound friend just how pleased she is to meet him.

Unsurprisingly, the original video has been watched over 689,000 times since it was uploaded and people can’t get enough of the adorable baby elephant’s antics. Some people have even compared his playfulness to that of a puppy. Well, a very big puppy that is…

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