Return to top 13 y/o Ventriloquist Creates Hysteria As Her Puppet Yodels And Leaves UK Audience Blown Away.

13 y/o Ventriloquist Creates Hysteria As Her Puppet Yodels And Leaves UK Audience Blown Away.

By - 10th October 2017

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard the name, Darci Lynne. The talented 13-year-old ventriloquist won this year’s America’s Got Talent and her incredible performances have been taking the world by storm!

Darci Lynne

She may be young, but Darci has been spreading the love of ventriloquism as she sailed through every round of AGT and became this year’s champion. (And we here at Happiest rooted for her all the way through the competition.)

Darci Lynne first found her love for puppets as a young child but now at the age of 13, she has mastered her craft and is now performing around the globe.

Throughout the competition, we saw Darci wow judges in her first audition as she belted out a ballad through her puppet. We also saw her singing a duet with two of her puppets and even flirt with Simon Cowell thanks to her old lady puppet.

Darci Lynne Little Big Shots

But where can she possibly go from here?! It would appear that Darci has another kept talent under her belt. This Oklahoma girl not only happens to be quite a talented singer, but she’s also a pretty awesome yodeller.

This performance takes place on Little Big Shots in the United Kingdom. As usual, Darci has some funny interactions with her puppet pal before they begin their song.

I feel that yodeling isn’s something that you tend to hear much of on British television. But the crowd seemed to absolutely love it!

The pure talent of this girl as she switches between her voice and her puppets voice mid-yodel is truly impressive. Most people can’t yodel in their own voice, let alone a duet with themselves!

We’re hardly shocked that she won America’s Got Talent. It’s not been long since she killed it in America. And already she’s traveled across the pond to gain a British fanbase.

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