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Cute Kitty Rewards Rescuers With Cuddles

By - 8th April 2019

Cat’s sometimes have a reputation for being aloof and unloving but as all good kitty owners know, a trip to the vets or noisy weather can turn even the most stoic of felines into scaredy-cats who want nothing more to cuddle up safe with their owner.  In those situations, you can see just how much affection cats can have for their owners.

The little guy is Woody. He was on his last legs, filthy, starving and with no momma or brothers and sisters when Sandra found him abandoned in a pallet yard. If Sandra hadn’t found him when she did, who knows what might have happened to Woody with no one else to look out for him.

Sandra took in Woody, feeding him, keeping him warm and washing him — something cats never enjoy and a sign of just how poorly the he was. Woody went on to thank Sandra by firstly taking a nap — he is a cat after all — then never leaving her side.

Now he’s all cleaned up and on the mend you can see what a handsome little guy Woody is and in the video you can see just how much he loves Sandra for saving him. He perches himself as close as he possibly can to his new human, taking naps on her shoulder and loves to  giving out head rubs and kisses. And wait until you hear his little meow. It’ll bring you to tears.

He might out grow Sandras shoulder but his affection for her will is cemented now.  Sandra has a new cuddle giving companion and Woody has a forever home with a loving owner.

What a brave little guy.  Do your furry friends cuddle up to you when they’re scared? Do you cuddle up to them when you’re scared? Let us know in the comments below.