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Cute Baby Boy Erupts In A Fit Of Laughter Every Time Dad Blows A Dandelion

By - 2nd March 2018

There are so many moments while raising a child that are wonderful and you’ll remember forever. Their first steps, their first word, every time they laugh and the first time they see a dandelion…

Tom Fletcher, member of the British pop-rock band ‘McFly’, may not be in the spotlight as much nowadays, but his videos of his adventures as a parent keep him popping up time and again. His musical wedding speech went viral and videos of his children being their adorable selves continue to brighten up our day.

In his recent video, Tom is out on a walk with his baby son, Buzz, when he picks up a dandelion from the field. As he blows away the small florets off the dandelion stem, little Buzz is absolutely mesmerised by the magical moment and begins to giggle.

As Tom continues to blow at the dandelion, Buzz becomes more and more worked up by the apparent ‘hilarious’ act. He can’t stop laughing, and his infectious laughter soon has Tom in fits of laughter along with him.

Tiny Buzz’s reaction is so pure and adorable, you can’t help but smile and giggle along with him. I guess dandelions are pretty funny things after all…

Watch the wonderful video below to see the wonderful moment for yourself. We love to hear your thoughts on our stories here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below and share the happiness with your friends. ?