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Cousins Separated During Holocaust Reunited After 75 Years

By - 27th September 2019

World War II tore millions of families apart, and few places were worse than Nazi-controlled Germany. But, positives can come out of this horrible time, even 75 years down the line. These close cousins were separated during the holocaust, and never thought they would see each other again. They assumed the worst until they happened to meet three-quarters of a century later!

Morris Sana and Simon Mairowitz grew up in Romania in the 1930s. Their families were incredibly close, and the pair grew up more like brothers than cousins. However, everything soon changed. The Nazis invaded Romania in 1940 and they had to flee the country. Unfortunately, their families fled in opposite directions and the boys never saw one another again. With no way of contacting each other, each assumed the worst.

cousins holocaust reunited

Millions died in concentration camps during the holocaust, and it could have so easily been one or both of these boys. But, both managed to escape. Simon fled to the United Kingdom, and Morris to Israel.

Years passed, and much change happened. As such, Morris’s niece was searching for long-lost family on Facebook. There she came across Simon’s daughter. The pair shared what they knew and soon found the full story. The power of social media!

cousins holocaust reunited

Morris and Simon reunited in Tel Aviv, Israel. The cousins are incredibly emotional, Morris immediately saying “Good to see you!” and hugging his long-lost relative. Tears are shed, but Simon reassures his cousin. “We’ve got each other now,” he said. “And we can see each other.”

Watch the emotional reunion below. We’re lucky that this family are starting to repair the relationships torn apart by the holocaust. The cousins hope to stay in touch and see each other as often as possible.

cousins holocaust reunited

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