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Couple Adopts ‘Teenie’ Rescue Puppy, When They Get Home They Realize Their Hilarious Mistake 

By - 4th December 2017

All animal lovers know how easy it is to fall in love with a pet. So what do you do when you fall in love with an animal, but you’re not sure how the people at home will react? Well, I guess you just have to bend the truth a little to make the scenario of a new pet more appealing. 

When Sue Markham fell in love with a gorgeous, shelter puppy she knew that she had to take him home with her. The only problem was that her husband wasn’t much of a dog person. So in order to try to sway him to let her keep the pup, she told him a little white lie.

Sue’s husband, Mark, didn’t want a big dog around the house, knowing that it would take up a lot of space. So one day, Sue turned up at home with a new puppy, and in order to convince her husband that they should keep it, she told him that it was a Jack Russell puppy.

Blissfully unaware of the dog’s true breed, Mark welcomed the tiny pup into their home with open arms. But he was about to get the shock of his life…

As the puppy, who they lovingly named Yogi, continued to grow, Mark began to notice that he was getting a lot bigger than a regular Jack Russell. Realising that something wasn’t quite right, Mark began to ask questions and Sue realised it was time to reveal the truth. Yogi was a Boston Great Dane.

I thought a big dog would be a lot of work and could be trouble. We only have a small living room. I thought, “How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?” By the time he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russell he came across at the park and he had this big tongue that lolled out of his mouth and a tail like a baseball bat.

But amazingly, Mark wasn’t bothered by the reality that their dog was going to grow to be the size of a Jack Russell many times over. He had already fallen in love with the gorgeous pup, and it’s just as well that he had!

Most Boston Great Dane’s grow to weigh approximately 135 lbs, but Yogi was even bigger than the average dog of his breed. He weighed over 65 lbs more than the average Great Dane, and when stood on his hind legs, he was 6 foot 11 inches. Yogi was definitely a lot bigger than a Jack Russell!

Now, at 9-years-old, the pampered pup is a fully fledged member of the family with his own needs and demands. The 200 lb dog eats $213 worth of food every month, with his breakfast consisting of four scrambled eggs and sausages. Yogi lives like a king and even has his own couch to watch TV on.

(Yogi) Bear sees himself as one of the family. He certainly thinks of himself as a real person. He sits on his own sofa and watches the TV with us. He’s very protective of it. If a stranger comes in, he won’t let them go and sit on his sofa.

While Mark may have initially thought that he only had room in his heart for a small dog, as soon as he got to know Yogi and watch him grow up, his heart grew to match the size of the pup.

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