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Couple Adopt 18-Year-Old Against All Their Friends’ Advice

By - 11th June 2019

Casey Douglas and her husband aren’t your usual parents. But there’s nothing wrong with unusual – and they’re trying to prove that. The couple announced their plans to adopt before ever trying for biological children. It just wasn’t what they wanted to do. This went against all their friends’ advice, but they didn’t care.

Casey’s husband knew that she had no plans to bear her own children before they got married. He didn’t care, and marriede the “unusual” woman anyway. But, soon after they began volunteering as youth pastors at their church.

Before too long, they had a pew filled with children. None were theirs, but all they had helped. Many were from disadvantaged backgrounds, or had no parental figures in their lives. But Casey and her husband knew this wasn’t enough for them, and still wanted to adopt.


Just helping kids on Wednesdays and Sundays wasn’t enough. So, they decided to go all in. Their friends, however, had other ideas. At 24 and 26, they urged the couple to try for their own kids first.

“You need to have your ‘own’ children first.”

“Your husband needs to carry on his legacy.”

“I would never adopt a child I didn’t raise, they have so much baggage.”

“God will bless you with a child of your own. (insert information on infertility)”

To Adopt Is Not “Plan B”

To prove that adopting wasn’t a plan B for them, the couple scheduled our classes with CPS and got a vasectomy. They hoped this would end the stigma that adopting is a “Plan B”. They really wanted to adopt, to help another child out.

But, there were similar concerns when they announced they wanted to adopt a teenager.

“Are you sure you don’t want younger kids? Teens will kill you in your sleep.”

“You won’t even give your husband children; how could you raise someone else’s kids?”

“You’re a waste of a good uterus.”

“The best you will ever get is that a kid sees you as a mentor and then leaves the second he turns 18.”

The stigma around adopting goes deeper than you imagine. How do you think this affects the kids who want to be adopted? It can’t be good.

The Adoption

9 months later, after the licensing process was complete, Casey and her husband were ready. However, something happened that they didn’t expect.

They were wanting to adopt rather than foster, but they got an urgent call from the adoption company. They wanted to give a child a forever home, but they couldn’t turn away a child in need. He urgently needed a foster home, that night.

“I don’t need to pray again about the prayer God has already answered,” Casey said, and accepted the 16-year-old into their home.


Their new son had been abandoned at birth, and spent years being abused by various foster parents. But, Casey and her husband soon took full custody from CBS and noticed huge improvements in his behavior.

One day, he said something that really moved them.

“I have waited my entire life to be treated the way y’all treat me. I have never had real parents before.”


That’s when they knew that they wanted to adopt him, and he wanted it too. So, after two years of fostering, they adopted their son when he turned 18. In January this year, he took their last name and has an official mom and dad for the first time ever.

The three of them have never been happier. And Casey is unnbelievably pleased with her unconventional method of having children. She hopes that her story will help to end the stigma surrounding adoption.


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