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Couple Accidentally Propose To Each Other At The Same Time And The Video Will Warm Your Heart

By - 15th February 2018

When people plan to propose to their partner, they have a lot of planning to do. They make the decision, they buy the ring, they choose the perfect timing and prepare the perfect words. But sometimes it doesn’t go quite to plan… 

After months of planning, Tori Monaco knew exactly how she was going to propose to her girlfriend, Berkley Cade. Enlisting the help of Berkley’s mom, she planned to surprise Berkley during a game night at home with her family.

But little did she know that Berkley’s mom was hiding another secret – Berkley wanted to propose to Tori too. Without telling either of the pair, she managed to set up the perfect proposal so that they could propose at the same time.

Berkley’s mother came up with a plan where Tori would propose while guessing the words “will you marry me” during the game. Meanwhile, Berkley would be drawing an image to represent the word ‘proposal’.

As Berkley turned around to find Tori knelt on one knee holding a ring out in front of her, she was bewildered as she exclaimed “What?! This is a joke, this is a setup.” Reaching into her bag, she pulled out the ring that she intended to propose with and they all fall about laughing. It looks like mom’s surprise plan worked!

The footage of the sweet proposal has gone viral since being uploaded onto Twitter at the weekend and people all over the world can’t get over the brilliant video.

Watch the video below of the wonderful moment where a game of pictionary turns into a double proposal that the family will talk about for the rest of their lives.

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