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Country Singer Has Holes In His Shoes – What Luke Bryan Does Next Will Shock You

By - 27th March 2019

Colby Swift is a country singer like no other. Well, maybe like some others. His audition impressed the American Idol judges and fellow country boy Luke Bryan saw himself in the young man. He was definitely unpolished – he’s not had a singing lesson in his life – but his raw talent shone through.

Luke Bryan, along with fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, sent him through to the Hollywood round. Swift was ecstatic and had tears in his eyes. What’s more, this would be the first time he had ever been outside of his home state Texas.

Swift didn’t make a big deal of it, but his childhood was pretty tough. His mom left his family on his sister’s birthday nine years before his audition, leaving his dad Justin to care for the kids.

“It’s emotional for me when I hear Colby sing because he’s gone through so much in his life,” Justin Swift said.

Country singer wows on American Idol

The Hollywood Round

The judges obviously thought so too, and when Swift came out in front of the Hollywood audience, he already looked more polished. He was wearing his cowboy hat and boots and sang “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” by Freddy Fender perfectly. He even nailed the Spanish parts, incredibly.

Despite it being his first time performing in front of such a large crowd, Swift got over his nerves and delivered a beautiful solo performance. The crowd and judges were on their feet.

However, as he left the stage, Luke Bryan noticed that his boots were full of holes where he’d worn them through. Obviously unable to afford new ones, it’s a credit to his performance that nobody else noticed.

Country singer wows on American Idol

When the time came for the judges to make their decision, Bryan gave Swift a special mention and the boots off his own feet. Swift was shocked at the generosity, but it was the least Bryan could do for the rising country singer. They will be treasured for many years.

Country singer wows on American Idol

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