Return to top Woman Gets Home From Work To Find Strange Dog Riding Her Miniature Pony, Hilarious Video Goes Viral

Woman Gets Home From Work To Find Strange Dog Riding Her Miniature Pony, Hilarious Video Goes Viral

By - 18th May 2018

You see a lot of funny things on the internet, but a corgi riding on the back of a miniature pony has to be up there with some of the greats. 

Callie Schenker returned home to her farm one day when she saw a sight that made her question her sanity. Right in front of her eyes, she saw her neighbor’s corgi riding on the back of her miniature pony, called Cricket. Quickly grabbing her camera, she managed to snap some photos before the corgi hopped down and went on his merry way.

The corgi had clearly done this before as he so expertly managed to balance on Cricket’s back as he trotted along the fence line. Some people didn’t believe what she had seen. They assumed that Callie had placed the corgi on the pony’s back and then taken the pictures, but Callie swore that they were like that when she arrived home.

I was astounded. I had no idea that, on the one hand, the dog could ride. And two, that Cricket was letting him do it.

Corgis are notoriously small with short legs, so it seems highly unlikely that he would be able to jump up onto the back of a pony. However, as Callie points out, Cricket is pretty small so if the mischievous corgi had a step he could probably get up there no problem.

Callie found the funny pair riding around together several times after that, but hadn’t managed to see how the corgi made it up there. So she made it her mission to catch him in action. One day, she saw the corgi riding Cricket again, but as soon as he saw her looking he hopped down.

corgi riding

Callie waited patiently to see if he would climb back on the pony, and sure enough, shortly after he hopped back up. This time Callie caught the hilarious moment on camera.

I kinda had a hunch that’s how he did it. But it was cool to really see. And to see Cricket actually play around with him was cool.

corgi riding

Callie loves that Cricket has made a friend in the cheeky corgi and loves to watch them play around together. When Cricket was brought to her farm, he was severely malnourished, but thanks to Callie’s love and care he is now thriving. Not to mention he now has a best friend to get up to mischief with.

Maybe Callie could enter talent competitions with the funny pair. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a corgi riding a pony? Share this hilarious video with your friends to brighten up their day. We love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so feel free to leave your comments in the section below. ?