Return to top Cop Records Carpool Karaoke In Police Cruiser, The Moment He Opens His Mouth, Viewers Are In Disbelief

Cop Records Carpool Karaoke In Police Cruiser, The Moment He Opens His Mouth, Viewers Are In Disbelief

By - 11th September 2018

Sometimes we forget that police officers are real people too; they’re not robots. When they finish work they go home to their families like the rest of us. In fact, sometimes they like to have fun.

cop sings Lionel Ritchie

They do like having fun too, not all police officers are deadly serious. Don’t believe us? Then you clearly haven’t seen the lip sync challenges that police departments all over the U.S.A have been participating in.

Well, you need to watch as this cop sings Lionel Ritchie in his car. If this doesn’t make you realize they’re normal humans, nothing will.

Officer Philip Paz became known to many when he decided to showcase one of his talents while on the job. Officer Paz was sitting in his police cruiser when he decided to get a little bit ‘musical’. Paz decided to record himself singing along to one of his favorite songs.

Cop sings Lionel Ritchie and becomes an internet star

Officer Paz decided to sing along to the classic Lionel Ritchie hit, ‘Easy‘. And I have to say, he did it pretty brilliantly. With his shades on, Officer Paz belts out the first line of the song beautifully leaving the viewers in disbelief.

The smooth sounds coming from Philip’s mouth are delightful. We think Lionel Ritchie would be pretty impressed with Officer Paz’ rendition.

There’s no cop smoother than this, Philip has such soul in his voice and it comes naturally with real ease. Don’t believe us? Give it a watch, we’re almost certain you’d agree with us.

I don’t know about you, but watching as this cop sings Lionel Ritchie is pretty impressive. He has to be one of the best singing police officers we’ve seen. What did you think? Have you seen any other great singing cops?

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