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Cop Scales Building To Save Baby From Her Dangerous Father

By - 23rd August 2019
cop saves baby

Cops do a lot to help, but this particular one put his life on the line to save a baby girl. In Russia, this father was trying to drop his baby daughter out of a high window until a cop stepped in. Nobody knows why he was trying to do it, but we are thankful that nothing worse happened.

Onlookers alerted the police to the unidentified man, and they were quick to respond. One officer bravely climbed the exterior of the building to try to catch the baby should she fall. However, when he got close enough to the window, he jumped inside.

The cop knocked the man over and saved the baby’s life. Two more officers followed through the window to make the arrest. Onlookers and bystanders filmed the whole thing and were glad that the cops were there to save the day.

We don’t know if this dad was having a crazed Michael Jackson moment, or if this cop is Spider-Man is disguise, but everyone has come out of this safely. It’s all thanks to this one cop’s quick thinking and incredible actions. He saved this child’s life, and she will forever be grateful.

cop saves baby

He is being hailed as a hero and a life-saver, but he believes he was just doing his job. There is no knowledge yet of who will get custody of the child. We hope it’s not the father.

We are lucky to have such incredible law enforcement officers all over the world, who are willing to put their lives on their line to save others. What do you think of this incredible feat? Would you do the same?

cop saves baby

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