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This Video Of A Dad Having A Conversation With His Baby Is Going Viral

By - 7th June 2019
baby conversation with dad

We all think our kids are the cutest, the cleverest, you name it. And in our eyes, they truly are. If they’re not, we will love them all the same. However, this American baby could be the cleverest one-year-old in the world. Or at least, that’s what his parents think.

Mom Shanieke filmed her little baby Kingston while he was watching television with his dad. The pair were sat on the sofa when dad Deztin “DJ” Pryor struck up a conversation with his one-year-old baby.

baby conversation with dad

Deztin is an up and coming comedian who recently participated in the 2019 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. He performed for executives, directors, showrunners, and talent agents at CBS. His fantastic audition landed him a place as one of 21 comic actors selected out of the 3,000 who auditioned.

You can clearly see his comedic timing and funny demeanor in this short video talking to his baby. The clip is filled with audio and visual humor and is sure to become a part of his set in the near future. You can imagine him on stage telling the story of this clip and the audience lapping it up.

baby conversation with dad

But baby Kingston is the real star of the clip. Evidently, he has inherited his dad’s funny bone. Kingston has very clear opinions on the show they are watching, and despite not knowing any words yet, we understand what he is trying to say. His movements and mannerisms are like those of an adult, which only makes him more understandable and funny. He has obviously learned these from his parents, but this short clip makes him look like an old man talking about his show!

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