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Owl That Became Tangled In Soccer Net Is So Happy To Finally Fly Away

By - 13th September 2018

When a group of construction workers headed out to work one day, they never thought they’d be taking part in an animal rescue on their shift. I have to admit, owls, although they are majestic, can be quite intimidating when they flap their massive wings. But these construction workers were not put off when it came to their kind-hearted owl rescue.

The construction workers were busy with their tasks when they noticed a nearby soccer net was moving. Not in the wind, it was moving more forcefully than that. Naturally, the men went to investigate.

We don’t quite know what happened, but somehow, this beautiful yellow-eyed owl had become tangled up in the soccer net. The event took place in the middle of a field in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Thankfully, these kind construction workers leapt into action to save the struggling bird.

When they got closer, the construction workers noticed just how twisted and tangled the bird was in the net. The owl’s wings were so twisted that at first, the guys thought they may be broken.

Construction workers perform a magnificent owl rescue

None of these guys has any training with wildlife, but they did manage to help untangle the bird and it seemed at ease with the men. The owl clearly knew he was in safe hands as he didn’t flinch or flap while they cut the strings to free him. Construction worker Will Brown said:

He didn’t bite, so I’ll take that as a thank-you.

I guess that’s all you could possibly hope for. At one point you see the men put a high visibility vest over the birds head to keep it calm and it certainly worked.

But would the bird be able to fly again? Watch the video below to find out what happened to the trapped owl once he was rescued.

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