Return to top Adoring Dog Misses His Mom, When They Video Call Her, The Dog’s Hilarious Reaction Stole My Heart

Adoring Dog Misses His Mom, When They Video Call Her, The Dog’s Hilarious Reaction Stole My Heart

By - 25th May 2018

Now, if you have a dog and you’ve ever decided to talk to them on either FaceTime or Skype, you’ve probably seen the confusion written all over their face as they try to decipher how you could have possibly gotten yourself trapped in a tiny box. One confused husky was baffled when he spotted his human inside the laptop.

It was only a matter of time before this dog tried to figure out what was going on. But he couldn’t quite figure out how his human mom was talking to him from inside the laptop.

The confused husky seems panicked at first

But it turns out that animals are getting more computer literate as time goes on. This confused husky receiving a video-call proves this point. At first, he’s truly baffled by what’s going on.

confused husky
The confused husky couldn’t wrap his head around seeing his human momma inside the laptop.

The husky cocks his head from each side with confusion but eventually, he realises that his human momma is trying to communicate with him. In fact, the husky seemed to enjoy the video call once he realised, furthermore, he gave out a mighty howl of joy when he realised he could communicate with his momma without her being in the house.

No matter, after a few head tilts and a couple of looks to his other owner for reassurance and an answer, the confused husky finally understands that his mom isn’t trapped as she communicates with him in the cutest fashion.

What more could you possibly want in life? Have your dogs figured out video-calls? Let us know in the comments. I want a husky of my own now. Such a cutie!

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