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Commentator Has Uplifting Message When Dog Interrupts Soccer Game

By - 13th September 2019
dog soccer

What could ever make a soccer game more exciting than it already is? Or what could make people watch even if they aren’t into the “beautiful game”? How about if a dog joined in to play? We all know dogs love playing fetch and chasing balls, so it sounds perfect! Except, it could be kind of dangerous…

I think what we all need is a form of dog soccer played exclusively by dogs. However, that’s not what happened in this match in Brazil. A dog ran onto the pitch in a match between Deste and Capivariano.

dog soccer

The players stopped the game to take care of the dog and carry it off the pitch. But, they were sure to get a few pats and cuddles in before it left. Likely a stray, nobody knows how it made its way onto the pitch. Maybe it thought it was a substitute?

However, the Brazillian commentator took the opportunity to spread an uplifting message about love and kindness. If you can speak Portuguese you can watch the video, but the translation is below. (But it’s worth watching just to see the soccer players react to a dog anyway.)

dog soccer

“It’s not just the players who wanna show talent here, the dog is also a part of the show!” the soccer announcer said. “Be kind to animals… to dogs. It’s the least we human beings can do to give back for all that they give us.”

His words will stick with us all. Dogs love their humans unconditionally, so it’s good to show our appreciation every now and then. Whether it’s through a treat or a cuddle, it doesn’t matter. Don’t forget to show dogs, and other humans, love.

dog soccer

What do you think of this hilarious interruption and the commentator’s positive message to everyone watching? Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends.