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Woman Adopted Puppy No-One Wanted, But Soon Learned It Was No Ordinary Dog

By - 14th May 2018

After being found wandering the streets alone, Penny the puppy was taken into a shelter. She bounced around from family to family, unable to find a perfect forever home. But nobody realized just how much of a clever puppy little Penny was. 

It can be upsetting when a dog is adopted and then returned to the shelter through no fault of their own. Why anyone would ever want to give back a pup as adorable as Penny, I’ll never know. Thankfully, a woman called Leonora Anzaldua saw Penny and fell in love at first sight.

In her previous homes, Penny had nothing to mentally stimulate her so she took to destructive pass times to entertain herself. Although at 10-weeks-old, that’s pretty standard for a puppy. Leonora took the time to play with Penny and teach her commands, and she soon discovered just how clever the little pup was.

Leonora began by teaching Penny how to sit and by the third try, she mastered it. She then began to teach her more commands and Penny picked them all up extremely fast. By 8-months-old Penny had mastered all the regular dog tricks and more.

After reading somewhere that dogs have the mental capacity of a human toddler, Leonora decided to turn Penny’s tricks up a notch. Buying some block letters, she decided to test if Penny could recognize shapes. Unsurprisingly, Penny mastered this too; she can even spell out her own name.

clever puppy

Thanks to an owner who takes the time to mentally stimulate her, Penny has proved herself to be a very clever puppy. Perhaps nobody would have ever known just how much she was capable of if she had stayed with one of her previous families.

Watch the video below to see the clever puppy in action. Can your pet do any impressive tricks to rival Penny? We love hearing your stories at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. Share Penny’s amazing talents with your friends to brighten up their day. ?