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Puppy Has The Sweetest Reaction To Meeting Newborn Baby Brother For The First Time

By - 27th September 2018

Welcoming a new arrival to the family is always a special event. Grandparents getting to meet their new grandchild, siblings meeting their new brother or sister and friends getting giddy. But it turns out that animals also get very excited about new family members. Just check out Quica the Chihuahua.

A family from Dublin, Ireland, recently welcomed a new little life into their lives. But there was one family member that couldn’t wait to meet their new pal.

The family’s adorable little Chihuahua, Quica, was so excited to meet the family’s newborn son, Nicholas. The day the couple brought their baby boy home, Quica was so excited to meet his new human sibling.

The tiny little dog ran straight towards Nicholas’ dad to see the newborn baby he was holding. Immediately the Chihuahua rolls onto his back with glee.

A lot of people will think that Quica just wants a belly rub, but Nicholas’ mom says that isn’t the case.

When I was pregnant my chihuahua Quica was very protective of my bump. Whenever my husband would attempt to rub my belly or touch my bump Quica would instinctively react and snap at my husband to stay back. Consequently, we knew that Quica would be eager to meet the precious goods. We were stunned by Quica’s reaction which was to immediately submit to Nicholas. Quica displayed a remarkable motherly instinct. Ever since Quica stands guard by Nicholas’ crib and watches over his every move while eagerly wagging her tail.

The footage is all too adorable. Clearly, Quica is going to be so protective over her tiny new human brother. We think she’s going to make a great big sister.

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