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Chick-fil-A Workers Stay Late To Cook 500 Extra Sandwiches

By - 9th September 2019
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When a Chick-fil-A restaurant heard the horrific news of a mass shooting last week, they wanted to help. However, what good can a chicken shop do in these terrible times? They can help those who are helping.

So, the workers stayed extra late to cook free sandwiches for all the first responders in Odessa, Texas. But it wasn’t just a few sandwiches. They cooked an incredible 500 sandwiches for the first responders at the scene.

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The team didn’t ask for praise, but they truly deserve it. The Chick-fil-A branch on University Boulevard in Odessa is clearly staffed by amazing individuals, who were thanked in a beautiful Facebook post.

“Absolutely blown away by this amazing team of people,” they wrote. “After heartbreaking events in our community today we planned to close early and send our team home to be with their families. As they were walking out of the restaurant an opportunity to feed local law enforcement presented its self and they were given the option to help…not one person said no.”

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That just shows how incredible and kind this team really are. However, the post continued.

“Partnering with Chick-fil-A Odessa Town Center they cooked 500 sandwiches and packaged them with the most joyful hearts and a lot of love. Sometimes light in a dark world looks as simple as a hot chicken sandwich. We just couldn’t be prouder of these helpers and their hearts of gold. Grateful is not an adequate word to express how we feel about all of our brave First Responders, they are true heroes. We are praying for our community in the days ahead and for all of those impacted by this tragedy.”

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This is a truly kind and selfless act, and something that first responders no doubt appreciated. Once again, they didn’t ask for any thanks, but let’s show our appreciation for their efforts. Let them know what you think in the comments, and share with your family and friends.