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Athletes See Girl With Down Syndrome Being Teased, Stop The Game To Teach Bullies A Lesson

By - 26th April 2018

School can be a wonderful place, discovering new things, constantly learning and making friends. However, the school environment can also be quite a tough place, especially when it comes to bullies.

Lincoln Middle School athletes Scooter Terrien, Chase Vazquez and Miles Rodriguez are just ordinary school students. They have a strong bond and a true friendship between them. So much so that Miles’ dad jokingly calls them teens the “three stooges” while others refer to them as the “three musketeers”.

Their team spirit actually earned them the Musial Awards for Sportsmanship. But they didn’t actually win the award for their athletic prowess. They actually earned the award for their kind-hearted nature and an act towards bullying that earned them the recognition they deserved.

The 14-year-olds are keen basketball players and love to play on the courts. In fact, it was on the courts where they bonded with a girl who was in need of some help.

Desiree Andrews was a cheerleader for the team. She also has Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that words can fail her but she loves to let music and dance do the talking for her.

Desiree, the cheerleader with down syndrome was being bullied

Desiree is the happiest human these boys have ever known and they’d do anything to protect their friend. Chase, Miles and Scooter heard a group of bullies sitting on the sidelines heckling Desiree as she was cheering. They knew instantly that they weren’t going to tolerate that kind of behaviour.

cheerleader with Down syndrome

The boys’ fathers are beaming with pride for raisings their sons right. If you can make a positive difference in the world, you will leave a long-lasting impression on those who your actions effect.

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