Return to top “I got professional pictures with my cat but they ended up looking like engagement photos”

“I got professional pictures with my cat but they ended up looking like engagement photos”

By - 19th June 2018

Cat lovers are a rare breed, much like most pet owners, they love their furry friends with all their hats. But cat owners take their friendships to a whole new level! In fact, one man loved his cat so much that they took a series of couples photos to commemorate their togetherness. Charlie the cat is going to be a star!

A Reddit user called ‘wroboat‘ posted the images onto his account where it has since gone viral.

Charlie the cat

“I got professional pictures taken with my cat but they ended up looking more like engagement photos,”

Charlie the cat and his owner have become modelling superstars

The 21-year-old graduate from Utah adores his cat, Charlie. He loves taking photos of Charlie and himself. So when the opportunity to get professional photos done together came, he knew he had to jump on it!

“I had about $15 Groupon credit that was going to expire, so I decided to get a free photoshoot and canvas print at JCPenny to give the canvas print to my mom for Mother’s Day. These are screenshots so they’re not great quality,”

As we can see from the photos, Charlie the cat is quite a hugger. Throughout the JCPenny photoshoot between the two, Charlie would hold on to his human tightly while they shot close-ups.

But Charlie certainly is a poser, the pair managed to get such a varied amount of images from the shoot – his mother will be thrilled!

The two best pals share such a strong bond with each other, so much so that you can see their love for each other in the photos. In fact, wroboat was so surprised by how they turned out when he first saw them.

“(the pictures) ended up looking more like engagement photos,”

The duo both flash their toothy grins in the photos which makes them look all the more adorable. Who can’t love those smiles?

Charlie the cat didn’t seem to mind the photo shoot one bit, in fact, it was more quality time and hugs he could share with his human. Bonus!

“Charlie is a very loving 1.5-year-old cat.”

Charlie the cat means the world to him. And now his family get to share in the love with these hilariously cute pictures.

Everybody can hold on to these photos for eternity now.

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