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Bikers Spot Chewed Up Crate In Middle Of Field, But When They Look Inside, Their Hearts Sink

By - 6th December 2018

I don’t know what it is that makes us humans utterly obsessed with animals, but we can’t get enough. They make us feel better, they shower us with love and they keep us entertained.

However, some people aren’t on the same wavelength. We still hear stories of people hunting and killing majestic creatures for sport or people abusing and neglecting their pets and other domestic animals. I don’t know what makes people do it, but some people just don’t have any morals.

Charlie Bravo dog

Thankfully, while there are still cruel people in the world, there are plenty of heroes who reach out a helping hand.

Bret Winingar and his son, Zach, were riding a motorcycle down the back roads around Little Rock, Arkansas. As they were driving down the road, they noticed an old plastic dog carrier.

Curiosity hit them, so they decided to pull over and check out the situation. Thankfully they did because when they got there they spotted an incredibly malnourished dog inside.

The carrier was covered in feces and the dog had chewed a hole through the lid to try and free herself from the plastic prison.

The father and son knew they had to do something. But they walked away from the box, got back on their bike and rode away…

But they did return shortly. They came back in a car with lots of water and dog food.

Bret and Zach rescued the little dog and they decided to call her Charlie Bravo.

Relatively quickly, the dog started to show her appreciation for her human rescuers. Even before she got to their house, she was cuddling up to them and showing thanks.

As soon as they got home, Bret and Zach trimmed Charlie Bravo’s claws. They were beginning to curl inward which made it uncomfortable for Charlie Bravo to walk. Once that was done, they gave her a bath and then they took her to the vet.

The vet determined that the dog was around 8 months old. Based on the wounds on Charlie Bravo’s body, the vet guessed that she had been in the carrier for quite a long time.

The story of the dog’s rescue quickly spread on Facebook. Shortly after, Bret and Zach started receiving donations from kind souls who wanted to help pay for the veterinary costs.

Bret and his family gave the leftover donations to various animal charities. They also set up a new fund for rescued animals called ‘Charlie’s Angels‘.

When Bret and Zach found Charlie Bravo, they intended on helping her heal and finding a forever home. However, they became too attached to her and they ended up keeping her after all. Now they’re completely inseparable.

Bret couldn’t imagine his life without Charlie Bravo now. They make too much of a great duo.

And the whole family love her too, she’s managed to bond with all of them. They believe she was a blessing in disguise.

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