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Elderly Cat Finds Her Way Home, 13 Years After She Went Missing

By - 9th August 2018

Losing a pet is never easy. Whether it be an injury, illness or going missing, it doesn’t make it any less painful. For one woman, her cat had gone missing 13 years ago. But as if by some miracle, the missing cat was found 13 years later!

cat was found 13 years later

Janet Adamowicz was left utterly devastated when her beloved tabby cat, Boo, disappeared at the age of four back in 2005. Like most people would do in her situation, Janet plastered missing posters to lampposts all around her hometown of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Janet even put adverts in the local newspaper in hopes of finding her beloved cat. But after a year of looking, Janet gave up hope and decided to take in two other cats. A three-legged cat called Ollie in 2008 and Tessie in 2014.

But recently, Janet received a phone call from the vet to say that they had found her cat. Naturally, Janet was confused as both her cats were with her. The vet then told her it was a cat called Boo who has a microchip linked to her contact information.

The 17-year-old cat was found 13 years later!

The now 17-year-old cat had been found 40 miles away in Pocklington, East Yorkshire.

I got a call on Thursday to say I had a cat missing, I said ‘I don’t think I do, they’re both here’ – but they said we’ve looked on the system it says you own a cat called Boo. I thought it was weird, but I couldn’t believe it when I got to the vets and they had her there – and she still remembered me. Don’t know where she had been, I think possibly a stray but kept being fed by strangers – or catching her own food.

Apart from being a little dehydrated, the cat was in good health overall. Boo was taken to Wicstun Vets in York by a lady who said the cat had been lurking for a few weeks.

Boo was very lively as a young kitten and enjoyed the outdoors and adventuring – but would always return home. We don’t know how she got all those 40 miles, it could have been any number of reasons. She has done well as a 17-year-old cat to last that long as a stray cat – it really is remarkable. Despite only being five-years-old she still remembers me and has been my shadow ever since coming home.

It’s so nice to hear that Boo remembers Janet and is settling in at home nicely.

The other two cats are not impressed, but hopefully Boo is finally home for good.

The Wicstun Vets had used microchip data from 2001 which came up with Boo’s name and Janet’s mobile number. Vets strongly encourage pet owners to get their animals microchipped in case they go missing.

cat was found 13 years later

After hearing Janet’s story we understand why. Her cat was found 13 years later as if by some miracle – all because they managed to find her information on the microchip.

“Somehow she has traveled over 40 miles from home – she might have done that last week or 13 years ago. It’s not uncommon for cats to nap in vans, sadly waking up to find themselves many miles away from where they should be.”

We’re just impressed that Janet hasn’t changed her mobile number in over 13 years. That is the real shock of the story!

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