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Cat Walks 12 Miles Back To His Family, But When He Arrives He’s Met With Heartbreak

By - 19th April 2018

We all believe that we would walk miles to find the one we love and it seems to be no different in the animal kingdom. When this cat walked 12 miles back to his family, it sounded like the end of a sweet movie. But the truth was, it was actually the start of a heartbreaking story.

Toby the 7-year-old ginger cat was rehomed and placed with another family when his old family didn’t want him anymore. But the cute kitty didn’t realise that was what happened. Instead, he thought he had somehow got lost and separated from his beloved owners and made it his mission to make his way back to them.

cat walked 12 miles

So a few weeks ago, Toby the cat walked 12 miles to return home to the place he knew. However, when the loyal cat arrived at home, his owners swiftly took him back to a shelter and asked for him to be euthanised. Some people can be so cruel…

Thankfully, the shelter couldn’t bring themselves to have Toby put down and they set about finding him another home where he would be truly loved. They contacted the SPCA of Wake County, a no-kill shelter in Raleigh, North Carolina. They asked them to rescue the poor cat and find him a new home.

cat walked 12 miles

Of course, the SPCA said ‘yes’ and set about trying to rehome him.

Toby was tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) so he was placed in a suite with the other cats with FIV. Despite his medical issue posing a potential problem to future owners, he never gave up hope of finding a new forever home. Whenever there were visitors around, he was eager to be loved.

cat walked 12 miles

The cuddly cat loved playing with other animals and with toys, making him popular with the volunteers at the SPCA. They described him as a “cuddly boy with lots of love to go around”. He would often walk up to humans for attention and snuggles.

The shelter eventually posted Toby’s story on social media, hoping that someone would want the sweet tabby. Last Friday, Toby’s prayers were finally answered.

cat walked 12 miles

Toby has been adopted into a new family, where he will have another kitty sibling and two human ones. He will finally know what it feels like to be part of a real loving family.

This cat will no longer have to walk 12 miles to find love. He is right where he belongs.

cat walked 12 miles

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