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Rescue Cat Has The Internet Cracking Up Over His Hilarious Facial Expressions

By - 10th April 2018

This cat may have had a troubled early life, but the unique kitty hasn’t let that dampen his expressive personality. Meet Rexie, the ‘Cat-King of Bleps’.

3-year-old Rexie was only a baby when his previous owners horribly mistreated him, leaving him paralyzed. The poor cat has a broken backbone and lost the control of his back legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding love again.

Dasha Minaeva rescued Rexie from an upsetting fate in a shelter, that would have likely resulted in euthanasia. Seeing that the loving kitty had so much more to give, she gave him the best chance at life. Every day, Rexie proves that his disability doesn’t hold him back from being a happy, healthy kitty.

Rexie’s tiny face is so expressive and cheeky that he has earned a legion of fans on social media. Some people have even nicknamed him the ‘Cat-King of Bleps’.

cat-king of bleps

Dasha has turned Rexie into a sort of ‘meowdel’, as she likes to call him, and the pictures she takes are never disappointing. Rexie’s face speaks a thousand words.

He doesn’t even know he’s handicapped. He does all the things other cats do. Only he’s unable to use the toilet or scratch his ears on his own. But that’s what his human is for!

Initially, Rexie had his own custom wheelchair to help him get around easily, but he soon outgrew it.

He does way much better without it. Cats are very independent and adjust perfectly. Rexie is more mobile and comfortable walking and running on his two feet.

cat-king of bleps

Ever since Dasha and Rexie met they have been inseparable.

Oh, and did we mention his best friend is a ferret?

Every animal deserves their happily ever after and it certainly seems that Rexie the Cat-King of Bleps has found his. A bit of kitty fame can’t hurt either…

Which is your favourite picture of quirky Rexie? Every single picture speaks a thousand words and it’s clear that this kitty has a LOT of personality! Leave your opinions in the comments section below. Be sure to share the adorable pictures with your friends to brighten up their day. ?

cat-king of bleps