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Cat Steals The Limelight At Christian Dior Fashion Show

By - 6th May 2019

Fashion shows are places where crowds gather to watch the most beautiful people strut their stuff while wearing the latest fashions. Whether that’s ball gowns or tracksuits, they are popular occasions for the world’s fanciest to show up and show off. Because it’s not just the models who are dressed to impress. However, at this catwalk in Marrakech, a cat stole the show.

Cats are commonplace in Marrakech and are often found lounging at the sides of roads or generally chilling out. People generally ignore them, and they ignore people in return. It’s a good system. They feed off scraps and leftovers from street vendors or occasionally hunt. The strays have a pretty good life, as there is little danger to them in the Morrocan streets.

This particular puss, however, got ideas above its station. A Christian Dior fashion show was happening in Marrakech and this cat decided to take a wander to see what all the fuss was about.

As the models were doing their thing, the cat watched for a minute before deciding to take a turn itself. It was unfazed by the loud music and line of models walking in the opposite direction. For a few seconds, it had the complete limelight, and people loved it.

cat fashion

However, things took an abrupt turn for the worse when it decided to leave its mark on the catwalk – and a guest’s dress! We’re unsure whether she noticed or not, but the crafty cat definitely “marked its territory” on a very expensive ball gown.

cat fashion

I guess this is a bonus to hosting your catwalk show outdoors in Marrakech! You get the added bonus of a literal “cat” walk.

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