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Cat Enters Bear’s Pen At Zoo, Onlookers Freeze In Fear, But Then Realise What’s Really Going On

By - 1st March 2018

When a small black cat wandered into the bear enclosure at Berlin Zoo, things looked like they could take a turn for the worse. After all, bears are well known for being top predators in the animal kingdom.

But luckily for the little kitty, Mäuschen the black bear proved himself to be a big softie and ended up welcoming the curious cat into his home with open arms. Or maybe the clever cat was actually the more intimidating of the pair, who knows…

Mäuschen is an endangered 800 pound Asiatic black bear, and would usually eat small creatures for breakfast. But when zoo employees got to the enclosure, they couldn’t believe their eyes as they found the cat and bear living in perfect harmony.

The cat, named Muschi, appeared to not be in any danger and actually seemed very content in her new surroundings, with her new friend. While Mäuschen had noticed the cat, he didn’t seem to mind the company.

The pair of unlikely friends became fast friends and were inseparable. Mäuschen and Muschi became so attached that they spent seven years living together in the enclosure.

But seven years after their first meeting, the pair risked being separated forever. The zoo wanted to expand the bear enclosure, which sadly meant that Muschi could no longer remain with her best friend Mäuschen. After all, not all bears may be as accepting of a cat in their home…

The pair were separated but became terribly depressed. The best friends were lost without each other.

Noticing the decline in both of the animal’s wellbeing, the zoo decided to reunite the pair. The two animals had never been happier and they have been kept together ever since.

Visitors to the zoo love going to see the giant bear playing gently with the tiny black kitty. It’s certainly not a sight you see every day, but it just goes to show that friendship has no boundaries.

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