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Lost Schnauzer Is Reunited With Her Owner – Is So Overcome With Excitement That She Faints

By - 16th August 2018

Having a dog that’s gone missing is one of the scariest and saddest times in an owner’s life. The fear that they’re hurt or dead, not knowing if they’re safe or if somebody else has taken them. One woman had lost her beloved pup, Casey the Schnauzer, and after two years had passed, she had given up hope.

Casey the Schnauzer had been missing for two years (14 in dog years). Casey’s owner was beside herself, frantically trying to find her beloved pup each and every day. But as the days went on, her hope was slowly depleting.

The dog had gone missing at the time her mom was working and living in Slovenia. When Rebecca Svetina returned to her hometown in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, the little dog was overcome with emotion.

Casey the Schnauzer couldn’t believe that Rebecca had returned!

You can hear in the video exactly how giddy this little dog is to be reunited with Rebecca. The joyful wails and the wagging tail is the perfect indicator. But Casey seemed a little too excited.

Like a plot in a movie, the little dog started to wobble. Confused at first Rebecca tried to calm her dog. Rebecca then realized that Casey the Schnauzer was fainting with all the excitement.

If this doesn’t show exactly how much you mean to your little dog, I don’t know what will. Casey the Schnauzer was certainly impressed with Rebecca’s return. Even a dizzy spell wasn’t going to dampen this dog’s day.

If this isn’t a true love story, I don’t know what is! Don’t worry, Casey was checked over by a vet and she is totally fine. She just got a little carried away with all the excitement!

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