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Car Is Sold To Raise Money For Orphaned Kids, But Auctioneer Is In Tears As Buyers Keep Giving It Back

By - 13th September 2018

When it comes to the struggles of a family after a tragedy, it really does ring true that ‘it takes a village’ to help rebuild and aid those in need. Believe me, community efforts really can go a long way. And there’s nothing sweeter than seeing strangers helping others in need.

On May 5th two parents from Red Deer, Alberta, were involved in a tragic accident. Brent and Nicole Keryluke, age 35 and 34, both died after their motorcycle collided with a truck.

Their two children, 3-year-old Liam and 6-year-old Arielle were now without parents. The two kids went to live with their grandparents and are being raised by them and their family.

Ben and Marilyn Keryluke lost their son and daughter-in-law that day but they stepped up to raise their grandkids. However, at their age in life, they didn’t plan on raising children, so money would be very tight.

However, Brent and Nicole had a dream when they were young to fix up a vintage car which they would then give their son on his 18th birthday. After the unforeseen circumstances, their wish was no longer a priority and so the grandparents decided to take the car to an auction to try and raise money for their grandkids’ future.

Ben and Marilyn took their grandchildren and the 1973 Pontiac Parisienne to the Electric Garage Auctions.

They basically stopped the auction, let everybody know what was happening, where the money was going to go, and then we were shocked what happened after that.

The auction lasted approximately 10 minutes with the auctioneer explaining why this family needed to sell the car. A lot of people in the room were left teary-eyed by the sad story of the Keryluke family.

But the family were utterly stunned by what happened. The car auction started and the bidding began.

People were bidding and bidding. The classic car was obviously popular. But they never expected the results. Something quite unusual happened.

First, Rod McWilliams from Red Deer Motors won the auction. But then he did something remarkable. After winning the car auction, Rod decided to donate his recent win back to the auction.

The car then went up for auction again and Danny Fayad from Edmonton won the car. But Danny did the same as Rod and he, too, donated the car back to the auction house. Then Bob Bevins from Bulldog Metals won the third auction of the Pontiac.

Lyndsay Payne, co-owner of EG Auctions said: “He didn’t want to be recognized for it.”

He just went up to Ben personally after the auction and said, ‘You know what? I want your family to have that car so I’m giving it back to you.’

Not only did the family walk away with 3 individual sales on the car which amounted to over $100,000, they also got to keep the treasured car for Liam’s 18th birthday.

This is a truly beautiful story that really does showcase the true kindness of strangers. What a compassionate group of people with such caring hearts.

How touching is this car auction story?  If you would like to donate to the family, head over to their GoFundMe page. At Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?