Return to top Cancer Patient Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ On Her Last Day Of Chemo, Bringing The Entire Ward To Tears

Cancer Patient Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ On Her Last Day Of Chemo, Bringing The Entire Ward To Tears

By - 23rd November 2017

‘Amazing Grace’ is a beautiful song that has a lot of meaning to people who know it. The hymn has helped a lot of people to find light in the darkness when life is tough, and cancer patient, Jessie Rhye Recny, found the song to be particularly motivating on her last day of chemotherapy. 

34-year-old Jessie was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy to drive out the disease. The cancer may have taken away her physical strength and her hair, but one thing it did not take away was her hope.

On her last day of chemotherapy at the Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, Jessie honoured the occasion perfectly. Standing in front of her friends, family and the doctors and nurses of the ward, she performed a heartfelt rendition of the song ‘Amazing Grace’. Holding back the tears, Jessie sang a verse from the meaningful song and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see.

At the end of chemotherapy, it is a traditional ceremony to ring the bell in the ward to mark the end of cancer treatment. So before Jessie rang the bell for herself, she sang the words that, until now, had never before had so much meaning. Then she read the rhyme on the ‘End of Treatment Bell’ before cheering and chiming the bell three times; her treatment was over.

Hopefully, Jessie is now well on her way to a proper recovery and a cancer-free life. Jessie’s powerful performance just goes to show how music can have such an impact on people’s lives and how it can help get us through the darkest of times to come out the other side with strength and hope.

Watch Jessie’s emotional performance for yourself; I bet you can’t watch it without getting choked up. What a powerful and inspiring moment.

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