Return to top Woman Spots Lynxes In Standoff – When She Lowers Her Window She Can’t Believe What She’s Hearing

Woman Spots Lynxes In Standoff – When She Lowers Her Window She Can’t Believe What She’s Hearing

By - 11th September 2018

While driving along on a forest road near Kokadjo, Maine, Sarah Verney and her friends stumbled across a rather peculiar sight. Sarah spotted two Canadian lynxes in the middle of the road.

The two Canadian lynxes were stood in the middle of the road staring at each other. As Sarah got closer, she realised they were making some very bizarre noises. The two lynxes were screaming at each other!

For Sarah and her chums, this certainly is a once in a lifetime experience that they all witnessed. They caught two Canadian lynxes in their natural habitat having a heated conversation in the dense boreal forests.

It seems as though the two cats were involved in some sort of standoff. Maybe they’re involved in some sort of soap opera? Who knows. But whatever the reason, the sounds they make are pretty hilarious!

Two Canadian lynxes get involved in an intense confrontation with each other

Canadian lynxes
These two Canadian lynxes were caught on camera caterwauling at each other.

The two creatures were ‘caterwauling’ which means they were making high-pitched, shrill wailing noises in conversation.

This is a rare sighting of a standoff between two lynxes that I was lucky enough to see with my own eyes! Once in a lifetime for sure.

Maine is home to over 1000 lynx. Maine is said to be the only American state with a breeding population of the majestic creatures.

The bit that gets me is how human these screams actually sound. The shrill noises almost sound like two adults yelling at each other. It’s both fascinating and kind of funny all at the same time. I never expected these animals to sound quite like this.

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