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Canada Opens World’s Longest Hiking Trail, Stretches From Coast To Coast

By - 5th July 2019

Do you like walking? It’s a good way of getting exercise, and also getting to cool places at the same time. I’ll never understand running machines. Part of the experience of going for a walk or a run is being amazed by your surroundings and ending up somewhere completely new. Walks in nature are especially appealing. But, some people like to take it a step further (pun intended) and go hiking.

Hiking pretty much involves walking, just really far. It’s also usually in nature, such as walking up a mountain or across a mountain range. Who knew walking was so intensive?

great trail hiking

However, hikers read on because Canada has created something amazing. A brand new hiking trail has opened, spanning 14,864 miles – that’s nearly 24,000 kilometers! The trail goes from coast to coast and is known as The Great Trail. You can tell why.

What The Great Trail actually is, is a collection of smaller trails. But, this doesn’t take anything away from its grandeur. The trail took 25 years to complete, and we’re yet to see someone attempt the whole thing.

great trail hiking

One of the non-profit organisations working on the epic trail called it “a gift from Canadians to Canadians”. And, despite the dramatic scenery and nature around it, an estimated four out of five Canadians live within a thirty-minute drive of the trail. So it’s easy to access from urban areas, too. Of course, you don’t have to try to walk the whole thing, either! You can just take a small section in your favorite province, or do it slowly over the years, section by section.

great trail hiking

Would you take on this epic hike? Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends. You can check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about the multicolored unicorns of the squirrel world!