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We Can All Relate To This Dogs Hilarious Struggle To Steal An Apple

By - 27th April 2017

Does it seem like your dog would be happy with a bottomless food bowl? Is your dog right under your feet every time you handle food? Well, the hilarious pooch in the video at the foot of this article isn’t quite so polite.

Begging for food is for dogs that let life happen to them according to this dog, he’s out there everyday living life to the fullest and when he sees an opportunity he’s going to take the bull by the horns, and power to the pooch I say!

Interestingly an expert on dogs Joel Silverman say that we’re actually to blame when it comes to dogs begging for food:

“the main reason dogs beg for food is because we have reinforced that behaviour, either knowingly or unknowingly.”

If your dog is begging for food more than you would like, try these tricks to curb that behavior:

  • Reward with toys or words, not food
  • Make your dog sit at least 6 feet from the table when you eat
  • Never feed your dog food from your table
  • Only put food in your dog’s bowl when it’s time to eat
  • Feed your dog when you eat

But as we said before this adorable pooch isn’t willing to wait to beg for food, he’s going for it, however, unfortunately, things aren’t quite going to plan!

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