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Family Lose Husky In Wildfire, Then They See Odd-Looking Dog On News And Make Chilling Discovery

By - 19th November 2018

As you all know, the California Camp Fire disaster has continued to devastate the lives of many. But it’s not just humans who have suffered at the hands of the horrific wildfire, a lot of wildlife and domestic pets have also been left in turmoil.

Max is an adorable little 1-year-old Husky and he’s lived with his family since he was a puppy. Max also has two human sisters who adore him dearly and he loves playing outside with his family whenever he can.

Camp Fire

His family loved him dearly but when the devastation from the Camp Fire started to attack California, they had to evacuate quick.

Michael Yeager rushed home to pick up his daughters. But while they were getting things they needed, they couldn’t find their beloved dog.

They searched everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. They didn’t know if he’d run away or if he was hiding, but they couldn’t wait any longer, they had to leave.

The family was distraught that they may never see Max again.

We have a pretty big yard and he always likes to hide under our porch when he’s scared and I wasn’t able to get to him. I saw the fire ash falling from the sky and I knew I had to get my girls out. We were only able to stay for less than five minutes.

By the end of the day, the Yeager family was certain that their home was destroyed. On the 10th of November, that news was confirmed after they were told their house had not survived. They also had to mourn the fact that their dog Max was probably dead.

The Yeager family continued to post about their beloved husky dog on Facebook in the hopes that somebody would find him.

Then something incredible happened…

They scrolled through their feed and came across a video about a dog found in the fires and his name was Max. But the dog looked nothing like their gorgeous fluffy husky. This dog was yellowish and quite muted in personality. Max had a very energetic personality.

However, they decided to take a long shot and investigate the dog. When they looked further, they noticed that the collar was indeed that of their dog Max.

My husband Jeff was actually looking through news videos on Facebook and came across one that said they found a dog named Max by Stratton’s Market on Sawmill. We live about a few houses down, so we called up the news person [and] asked how he knew his name and everything, and he described his collar.

At that moment, the Yeager family knew their dog had been found.

However, because of the fires, his hair had all burnt off and he was in a pretty bad condition. But despite the pain, Max was thrilled to be reunited with his humans.

It was amazing and sad with a lot of emotions from my girls and I. He’s the same dog but he looks so different now. My youngest daughter is just so in love with him. At first she was scared, but after a few minutes she knew it was him.

Max is currently recovering at a veterinary hospital and we hope he pulls through with a speedy recovery. It will take time for the burns to heal. But knowing his family is back will certainly keep him motivated and happy.