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Butterfly Lands On Husky’s Nose, And She Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Her New Tiny Friend

By - 31st July 2018

Everyone loves butterflies. They are beautiful, they’re graceful and many people associate them with being connected to lost loved ones. If one lands upon your shoulder then it is allegedly a loved one sending a message from the afterlife. But by the looks of it, when a butterfly landed on this husky’s nose, she wasn’t all too mystified by the magic of the butterfly. In fact, she seems downright freaked out.

Cymber Jane is a happy-go-lucky husky, who enjoys a beautiful life with her three other canine siblings. But a recent encounter shook her up…

butterfly lands on a husky's nose
Instagram: @fluffyhuskytales

I mean, I can’t blame her. I don’t think I would be too pleased if a large, winged creature landed on my face. Luckily for this butterfly, it had chosen to land on the most well behaved of pups.

Cymber the husky was minding her own business when a Monarch butterfly decided that her soft, fluffy nose was the perfect spot for it to take a break. After all, it must get pretty exhausting fluttering around all day; sometimes you just need a warm, cozy place to rest for a while.

I’m not too sure how excited Cymber was by the close encounter. As she tries to focus in on the strange creature residing on her nose, she looks thoroughly confused and a little bit wary. It’s not long before it looks like poor Cymber is cringing from the spookiness of her encounter. Her face is an absolute picture!

butterfly lands on a husky's nose
The butterfly lands on a husky’s nose

Despite Cymber being pretty uncertain about the butterfly, she is so well behaved. She doesn’t try to eat the small animal, nor does she shake it off. She just lets it stay on her nose and gently tries to move her head for a better look at the unusual creature.

Eventually, the butterfly flies away and Cymber watches as her new tiny friend disappears into the sky. While it was a beautiful (and hilarious) moment that the husky and butterfly shared, I’m sure that Cymber was glad to have her nose to herself again.

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