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15-Yr-Old Severely Burnt In Accident Refuses To Go To Prom, Surprise Knock At Door Leaves Her Shaking

By - 24th May 2018

It can take one fateful moment to change your life. As 15-year-old Korryn Bachner sat by a campfire enjoying some time with her friends, she had no idea that her life was about to change forever. 

On that fateful day, Korryn and her friends sat around the campfire, chatting and laughing, when a big mistake had them screaming in panic. One of them poured gasoline over the flames, resulting in an explosion. Korryn and a dozen other teens were left severely burned. The atmosphere changed from relaxed to panicked in an instant.

90% of Korryn’s face was burnt, with third-grade burns to her face, hands and neck. The poor teen spent two weeks in the hospital, fighting for her life, before she was released home with her entire head wrapped in bandages. She will have to undergo further surgical procedures in the future.


Korryn, who was a cheerleader at Glenbard East High School, in Illinois, had many friends and was looking forward to her upcoming prom. But as she was released from the hospital just one day before prom, she was certain that she wouldn’t be able to attend that year.


With bandages covering her face to avoid infection, her confidence was knocked. She had looked forward to wearing a beautiful dress and attending the prom with her date, Jonathan Ayala. The big night she had been looking forward to for months, was now out of her reach.

Devastated, Korryn told Jonathan that she wouldn’t be accompanying him and he should find another date. She also broke the news to her friends that she’d be staying home that night. But Korryn’s friends weren’t going to let the night be ruined by a tragic accident.


On Saturday night, just a few hours before prom was due to start, Korryn heard a knock at the door. Standing before her was Jonathan and her friends, dressed up in their prom outfits. She assumed they must have come by to take pictures with her before they went, but they had a bigger surprise in store.

Korryn would go to prom after all…


The friends set to work hanging up lights and decorating her basement, transforming it into a makeshift ballroom. If Korryn couldn’t go to prom, then they would bring the prom to her.

She has such a great group of friends. There were definitely some tears, but they were happy tears. Jonathan missed his senior prom for her. She has the opportunity to still attend two more, but I don’t know that another prom will ever be as special as this one was.

The group posed together in their outfits and took photos, then they danced just like they would have at prom. Korryn may have suffered a harsh blow, but at least she knew that she had wonderful, caring friends who would move mountains to help her. Beneath her bandages, there was a huge smile.


Since her ordeal, Korryn is considering training to be a nurse and specializing in a hospital burns unit to help other people going through what she has.


The youth of today can get a bad reputation, but this story is proof that there are so many good hearts in the world. It sometimes just takes a bad situation to bring out the best in people.

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